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2017 Enduro Grand Champion
Tyler Vore


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ATTENTION: 2018 Offroad Banquet is now available for registration. Mark your calendar for February 16, 2019.  Registration deadline is 10 days before the event and no tickets are sold at the door.  Please click here to register.


New to Enduros?

So you are interested in enduros but you are not sure what exactly an enduro is and what you need to know to participate? Follow this great link to the Midwest Enduro group and you will find a lot of useful information!


» Must be a D14 Member for the D14 Enduro Series to earn points towards year-end awards. 
» Best 9 out of 11 events count towards points for year-end awards; it's the best 10 out of 11 for the Grand Champion Award. 
» Minimum of 5 events to be eligible for year-end awards. 


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